Indie Game Dev Introduction

Hello and Welcome everybody to the first post of my new blog! 🙂

This is the first official blog that I will be writing, I will try to update it regularly, which means at least once per week. I will cover everything related to games and their technology, maybe do some tutorials even. Don’t want to make empty promises though, so lets just wait and see… 🙂

Who am I?

A 21 years old (at the time of writing) eccentric programmer from Poland, studying Computer Games Technology in Scotland and being self-employed there.

And why would you care?

I have been programming since I were 14, wrote alot of tech demos in languages such as C++ / C# / Java and in variety of libraries and frameworks. (Allegro, SDL, SFML, OpenGL, XNA, LibGDX, Unity3D, to name a few) Few years ago I got bored of doing all the hard work for nobody to see and decided that I want to run an independent game company as my full-time job. Thats how Neomex-Games was born.

It wasn’t easy.

I quickly realised that this industry with such oversaturated market is no easy place to jump into. Being naive I didn’t do anything about marketing for my first title, which lead to next to no results sales-wise. Even though I have run tiny successful kickstarter (500£), got approved on greenlight (after over a year) and found a publisher, it didn’t work out that well. (Due to misscomunication, I was waiting for them to start promoting, they were waiting for me to release updates, since they couldn’t promote a title that was a takeover) Due to my personal issues the update was delayed into “Valve time”.

Never give up!

However I am not planning to stop on that. The update is close to release, however I can’t say when that will happen, but I will for sure let you know on this blog about it. I have another game that is for mobile phones this time, which is 99% complete, but is currently frozen due to team related issues. Recently I have found source code of my old mobile game written in Java/LibGDX. Decided to rewrite it in Unity3D engine, which should take care of some issues and improve gameplay, while making things simpler (relatively) for me. Thankfully my old artist agreed to do some extra graphics for it, so it could become something better than the original one.

The key to Indie Game Dev is perseverance!

At the time of writing all my social media aren’t ready yet for public, in fact theres nothing yet on everything but facebook page that contains very old stuff from my first game, however I wanted to start blog writing already. I am currently working with my artist on updating all of them.

If you lasted untill now reading all of this, huge thanks to you! 🙂

Take care and stay in touch for more!

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